1.  What is an RIA?  RIA stands for Registered Investment Advisor and it is an investment firm that is “Independent”.  By being independent, an RIA is not obligated to try to sell the products of their firm / employer.  Thus, an RIA has the freedom to find the best products to meet your needs.


  1. What Services are offered by an RIA?  At OASIS Financial Solutions, Inc., our clients are offered: 
  • Financial Planning
  • Asset Investment Management
  • Retirement Planning
  • College Planning
  • Estate Planning                                                                                                      

             Also, we can provide you with a one-time review of your investment strategy, help with advice on                                    how to save for your Vacation Home or use your Employee Benefits more effectively.


  1. What kind of Investments are available at an RIA?  As an RIA, the investment universe is virtually unlimited; it is not limited to just one company or mutual fund group.  As an RIA advisor, I have the freedom to find the investment products, or use an investment strategy, that is the best fit for each client.


  1. How are RIAs compensated for their services?  Basically, compensation can be quoted based on an hourly rate or as a set fee for one-time projects.  One-time projects include reviews of investment strategies and developing a personal financial plan for your household.  If your investments are managed on an ongoing basis, then compensation is based on a sliding fee scale based on Assets Under Management (AUM).  RIA firms are very transparent about fees and must disclose all of their sources of compensation.


  1. Do I need a Brokerage Account or to change Brokers?  Clients that work with OASIS Financial Solutions, Inc. are often able to keep their investments at their current brokerage firm and do not have to set up new accounts.  Instead, the client simply signs a “Limited Power of Attorney” form to empower OASIS to make investment decisions within their account.  Only the client can transfer funds out of their account or invest new funds into the account.  This serves as an added protection for RIA clients.


  1. Why are RIA firms great at aligning my interests with their business interests?  RIA firms typically use a sliding fee scale based on Assets Under Management.  This means that as your investments grow in value the fee rate charged declines.  Thus, the firm’s fee income only grows if the client’s account appreciates in value.  Ask to see our fee schedule at our first meeting to learn how this works in detail.  Also, we will combine the value of all your accounts to ensure you pay the lowest fee on the scale for all of the household’s assets combined.


  1. How much money do I need to work with an RIA?  Clients do not have to be a millionaire to work with    OASIS Financial Solutions, Inc.  Most of our clients do have investments of several hundred thousand dollars, or more, including their retirement accounts.  Our fee schedule for ongoing investment management services begins at $100,000.  However, we frequently work with smaller amounts as we know that our clients plan to grow their investments over time.