Unconventional Success

Investment Philosophy & Asset Allocation


Ø What is Unconventional Success?

Investments managed by OASIS Financial Solutions, Inc. follow an Asset Allocation Model approach that we call     the Unconventional Success Model.  What is Unconventional Success?  It means that your investment portfolio will    enjoy successful returns that beat the returns of most investors over longer time horizons.

Most investors try to beat the averages – some invest aggressively and may earn large gains in the short term, yet    studies show that these investors have poor, long-run records.  It is exceedingly difficult to consistently beat the market. 

The Unconventional Success Model shows that earning average returns over time translates into superior returns compared to the vast majority of investors.

Does this approach sound counter-intuitive?  It is.  That is why the approach is called “Unconventional Success”.          You can be part of this “Success” by following our investment approach.


Ø What Does the Model Look Like and How Does it Work?

The Model is based on fundamentally sound investment strategies.  The Model uses mutual funds and/or ETFs                 as such index-type investments.  Indexed funds tend to achieve returns similar to their asset class, or market-type returns well-diversified.

Next, the Model makes – such as U.S. Stocks, International Stocks, Emerging Market Stocks, Bonds and            Alternative asset classes.  Each asset class tries to earn a return equal to its particular market investments in          different classes of assets.

Again, studies have shown the damage to long-term performance that fees and expenses have to an investor’s returns.  This is particularly the case in today’s low-return environment!  Many actively managed mutual funds charge fees of        over 1.25%.  Then, the entire investment approach is geared toward minimizing investment expenses.

Following the Unconventional Success Model, most clients will find that their total fees and expenses, including those charged by the firm acting as your personal advisor, will be under 1%.  This is particularly true for accounts with assets     in excess of $300,000.


Ø What Else Should I Know?

Finally, as a long-term investor you always want to keep an eye on Inflation.  Inflation can greatly erode the purchasing power of your investments over time.  The Unconventional Success Model is attuned to this risk.  The Model allocates      a fair amount of its invested assets to categories that hold up well in inflationary times.

The Unconventional Success Model offers protection against the damages of high inflation.  You may remember    the 1980’s when both Inflation and Interest Rates were well above 10% for several years running.  Currently, the Federal Reserve has kept Interest Rates and Inflation quite low.  However, increasingly large U.S. Government Debt makes it    very likely that Inflation will soar in the future.