Dan is a native of South Bend, Indiana who majored in Accounting at the University of Notre Dame, and also has an MBA from Indiana University with a concentration in Finance. He is a CPA licensed in Indiana. 

Tax/CPA Services
Tax/CPA Services
Tax Preparation: Federal, State & Local Tax Returns; Electronic Filing of Tax Returns; Tax Planning; Tax Efficient Investing; Estate Returns - Assist Executors with Final Tax Return for Deceased; Client Base Composed of Individuals, Small Businesses or Preparation of Estate Return, and more...

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    At OASIS, we offer a common sense approach to finances using new, sophisticated planning software. 


    OASIS Financial

    This sole proprietorship accounting firm operated by Dan Osberger, CPA, was founded in 2003. OASIS Financial can help you with: 

                       ~  Tax Planning                                  ~   Financial Planning

                        ~  Tax Preparation                             ~  Tax-Efficient Investment Strategies

                         ~  Financial Consulting                     ~   Estate Planning

                         ~  Budgeting                                     ~   Retirement

                          ~  Accounting Services                    ~   College Savings

    Target client groups include individuals, their families, and closely-held businesses.  Our goal is to help clients pay as little income tax as is allowed by law. We take the time to understand your priorities, to ensure that your investments are tax efficient, and in-line with your long term goals.